Honorary Chairs

Gloria Lawlah
Maryland Office of Secretary, Department of Aging

Dept. of Aging

Pat Muse
News 4 at 4

NBC 4.com

Rene Nash


Jay "Sky" Walker Maryland House
of Delegates
26th District

Friends of Jay Walker


  • Children's National Medical
    Center, Center for Cancer
    and Blood Disorders

  • DC DOH/ CHA/ Sickle Cell

  • District of Columbia Greater
    Access to Pediatric Sickle
    Cell Services, Howard

  • Faces of Our Children, Inc.

  • Georgetown University
    Hospital, Div. of Ped.

  • Howard University Center
    for Sickle Cell Disease

  • Howard University Hospital

  • Lauren D. Beck Sickle Cell
    Foundation, Inc.

  • Sickle Cell Association of the
    National Capital Area, Inc.

SOS Walk Timeline - Click Here

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My Fundraising - Click here to download the complete SOS Walk.org fundraising guide.

Why I'm Raising Money
(List the top reasons why you are raising money)

Where the Money Goes
The National SOS Walk 2008 helps local and national service organizations provide case management, education, prevention and counseling programs to those affected by Sickle Cell Disease.

Fundraising Plan - My Fundraising Goal: $________________________




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Don't forget that our staff can help you with your fundraising activities. We can also help you think of fun, exicting, and effective ways to raise money. Need help? Call 301-292-3682 or email

Fundraising Ideas

Ten Easy Steps to $1,000

  1. Sponsor yourself for $50
  2. Ask 2 family members to sponsor you for $50
  3. Ask 10 friends to contribute $20
  4. Ask 5 co-workers to contribute $20
  5. Ask 5 neighbors to contribute $20
  6. Ask 5 people from your place of worship for $10
  7. Ask 5 people you socialize with (yoga, Pilates, gym) for $10
  8. Ask your boss for a company donation of $50
  9. Ask 5 businesses that your company works with to contribute $40
  10. Ask 4 businesses that you frequent to donate $25

Create Your Very Own Online Fundraising Page - By going to http://www.firstgiving.com/stompoutsicklecell

  1. Go to http://www.firstgiving.com/stompoutsicklecell to create a free fundraising page
  2. Click on "Get Started" and follow the online instructions - it's fast, easy and very effective! Click here to download a PDF of complete instructions. If you have problems, call 301-292-3682.
  3. Encourage all your team members to create their own personal pages under your Team Name.
  4. Send each of your team members an email reminding them to send out their personal web page link to friends and family the week of SOS Walk 2008
  5. Don't forget to send your own email with the link to your personal page the week of SOS Walk 2008

A Jeans Day at the Office

  1. Identify and organize floor collection points
  2. Require a minimum donation ($5)
  3. Promote within your company using your intranet network, message board and email
  4. Give everyone who donates a Sickle Cell ribbon to wear that day
  5. Team members wear jeans for free
  6. Have a corporate SOS Walk 2008 T-shirt made (Download logo from soswalk.org)
  7. Consider providing catered lunch, popcorn, or cupcakes

"Changing Lives - It Makes Cent$ Fighting Sickle Cell"

  1. Enlist individuals within each department to help collect donations. Try this: go around each office and cube asking only for the change in that person's desk.
  2. Create competition between departments with prizes. Try this: every dollar and check amount adds to that department's total, coins subtract from that total.
  3. Advance promotion throughout office, via posters, flyers, emails, internet
  4. Have people pay every time cell phone goes during meeting
  5. Have people pay every time they are late for a meeting
  6. Have people pay cot use the elevator

Other Great Ideas

  1. Pre-Walk Parties: internal company parties, block parties in your neighborhood, private parties at your home, cupcake and wine party, attend SOS Walk 2008 special events
  2. Pet-related events: Doggie Wash, Doggie Photo's The Pampered Pooch, Doggie Carnivals, Pet Sponsors, Mobile Pet Grooming, "Pet Happy Hour" (Salty Dogs & Greyhounds), Pet Parade, SOS Walk 2008 Pet shirts, Pet Costumes
  3. Ask people to donate to webpage instead of birthday gifts
  4. Tri-Cycle Races
  5. Raffles: company wide or social organizations
  6. Auction; auction items at work such as a choice parking spot for a month; goodies with the company's logo; or a day off!

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